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Mot du Président éxécutif


Introduction and Statement from the President Executive

My name is Edouard L. Noisin, MD, Ph.D., and have been the active President Executive of the Université Roi Henri Christophe (URHC) in Cap-Haitian, Haiti, since 2014.

I graduated from Meharry in 1989 with a doctorate in the Biomedical Sciences and did my postdoctoral training at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. I then studied medicine at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky, and later obtained my medical degree from St. Matthew’s School of Medicine in the Grand Cayman Island in 2005.

URHC Central mission is to provide and ensure an education to its students at 100%; a concept of perfection. It was founded in 1980 by my Father, the Late Dr. Louis J. Noisin, and is Haiti's first private university recognized by "l'Etat d'Haiti" rendering it an internationally recognized nonprofit institution of higher learning. The late Dr. Louis J Noisin was a very accomplished scholar who, as full-time professor, taught African government and Anthropology at Hampton University in the early 70s and later joined the Faculty of Anthropology at William & Mary as its first tenured full-time Professor of African descent.

To ensure the proper education of students at 100%, I have developed an effective and innovative approach to rapidly bring progressive and effective changes at the university in a manner impacting its community. I refer to this approach as the AB-Catalyst System employing an interdisciplinary method allowing URHC to function as a “research university” acting as the “Conscious Soul of its community.”

URHC is composed of approximately 1,400 students enrolled in the following undergraduate departments: Nursing school, School of agronomy, School of Business administration, School of civil engineering, department of Computer sciences, School of Education (B.S. & M.S.), the Department of Biomedical Sciences and the School of Communication and Social Media. Curricula in all departments are tailored in students participating in community developmental projects as part of their “Soutenance de Memoire” (i.e. mini-thesis) that would qualify them in obtaining their “State License” in their respective field of study.

To better accommodate the wellbeing of URHC’s student body and supporting staff, I have implemented at the institution the following services: A medical clinic equipped with its medical laboratory and pharmacy, a cafeteria, a boutique with its printing shop, a bus transportation service, a computer lab equipped with its virtual library and online schooling for the Master’s program, a Department of Information Technology (DIT), and a consulting firm and internship program for recent graduates not yet employed in the market place.

Extracurricular activities range from intramural sport events (soccer and basketball) to various cultural and social events including intellectual activities such as the weekly TEDx URHC conference program and the annual student research day.

URHC vison for the year 2020 is to implement masters programs in each of the various faculties to pave the way for subsequent doctorate programs. This initiative will facilitate URHC in functioning as a research institution capable of publishing original scientific work at the international level.

URHC is a grassroot movement seeking to serve as a protype for developing and underdeveloped nations on how to integrate a research university into the development of impoverished communities into becoming healthy, sustainable, durable and evolving entities. Individuals and organisms sharing URHC vision are welcomed to partner in this noble and indispensable grass root movement. I bid all of you all warm regards and Shalom!